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We’re disrupting employer-employee business-as-usual forever because remote proved itself in 2020 and will prevent subsequent economic crisis. Your own and the world's. The future of work has long been remote. The future has landed. We're putting 400 million talented and mobile people to work remotely so remote employers can fix your organizations and our global economy. Please visit this crucial page immediately.

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We're putting the world back to work again. Remotely. Synergistically.

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No one is more motivated to deliver than remote professionals because our lifestyles depend on our ability to support them. If we don’t innovate and deliver beyond your expectations, we can’t enjoy the lives that deliver beyond ours.

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You’re mobile. You travel, relocate with your spouse or partner for their career, live or adventure remotely… Find yourself here: The 2020 Guide to Remote Jobs for Full-time Travelers and the Statistics of This Untapped Virtual Workforce.

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Covid-19 Just Changed How We’ll Work Forever:
45% of Us Will Be Working Full-time Remote by 2021

While 5 million people worldwide worked remotely/at home in 2018, 675 million will work remotely in 2021 and beyond. We worked remotely because remote was the future of work. Now, we work remotely because of the novel coronavirus Covid-19. The future of work is forever remote.

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Altruism is In – This is How the Remote Workforce Will Fix the World

Sixty percent of companies worldwide avoided layoffs and increased profits by going remote early in 2020. Overnight, the remote workforce employment model changed how we will work forever. Now, remote will save your organization’s economy, and the world’s. For two years, my self-funded vision was to help the “remote disenfranchised” find virtual and mobile jobs

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Why I’ve worked with’s founder Patricia Rae Linn

Pat is one of the best overall marketing experts I’ve ever worked with. Her diverse understanding and knowledge of different target markets really sets her apart.

Pat is one of the most intelligent, perceptive, on the money people I know. And her relationship management skills are in the top tier.

Pat is an incredibly talented person who did an amazing job on my projects. She was creative, on time and learned our subject matter in an amazingly short amount of time.