93 million people travel full-time worldwide. 21 million of them want remote jobs.

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i travel full-time and i'm a subject matter expert

Subject Matter Experts: Find Yours in the Untapped Remote Workforce of Full-time Travelers

You invest a fortune and multi-department resources in every one of your specialty employees–needing them to deliver a big return–while they are changing jobs every three years in order to quickly build their capabilities and increase their income potential. The spin rate of the revolving door at your organization is preventing you from completing essential

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Statistics and Demographics of Full-time Travelers and Their Job Market

How many people travel full-time? At least 93 million people worldwide. 21 million +/- of them want jobs. Because there is no full-time traveler statistical database, let alone one that identifies full-time traveler jobs and employers, itravelft.com is going to create one. Meanwhile, we’re highly qualified to extrapolate a statistical profile of the professional and

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Why I’ve worked with itravelft.com’s founder Patricia Rae Linn

Pat is one of the best overall marketing experts I’ve ever worked with. Her diverse understanding and knowledge of different target markets really sets her apart.

Pat is one of the most intelligent, perceptive, on the money people I know. And her relationship management skills are in the top tier.

Pat is an incredibly talented person who did an amazing job on the projects I sent her way. She was creative, on time and learned our subject matter in an amazingly short amount of time.


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