So Many Ways to Live in an RV, or Tiny Home, or Safari Tent, or…

Next stop, CT RV Resort in Benson, Arizona. At check-in, the friendly desk lady radio called her husband to lead me to my site. After I backed into it, my guide approached me and asked me if I had a water pressure fitting. Whatever my answer was, he offered one to me along with sage advice: “The water pressure can vary in different parks. You need the pressure fitting to protect your plumbing system from excessive high pressure. It can blow out your connections.”

Is the Newbie Sign Flashing on My Forehead or Taped to My Back?

Lesson One for the day deserves a reward, so he showed me the water system he designed for his rig and gave me a tour of their beautiful real-wood interior fifth wheel. Lesson Two promptly commenced with loads of tips on fundamental rig maintenance.

He shared that both he and his wife were retired. She from a financial firm and he federal law enforcement. Now, they worked various paid hosting jobs for about six months a year. They loved it. He encouraged me to both learn about hosting and workamping. New to me, and compelling. I wasn’t ready to surrender one bit of my freedom, but the idea of exchanging a great site for labor or guest services, and even making a wage stayed at the top of my learn-about list.

Luxury option: CT RV Resort, Benson

As we parted, he encouraged me to take the full RV park tour. “Accept the offer,” he said, smiling. “It will be fun, plus the tour guide is my friend.”

The resort, which we toured by golf cart the next day, was divided into three areas, an RV park for transient customers like me, an area to purchase lots with full hookups for people who wanted to invest in property with the expectation of returning frequently, and a final area for residents who no longer traveled extensively. The latter two arrangements were creative and varied, all residents owned their lot, and some built decks out from their rigs, separate sheds, driveways, and other conveniences. Many maintained flexibility to move their rig if they wanted to while others enclosed their rig permanently. Some chose to buy a regular, if compact, park-model home with attached garage.

The park model and tiny home concept began to intrigue me. Something else to look into as I traveled.

Less Luxury Option: Arizona Rest Stop

The possibility seed was planted. Prior to this I was unaware of all the ways to live in a RV — RV resorts, private RV parks, city, county and state park campgrounds, federal parks and campgrounds including Bureau of Land management (BLM), United State Forest Service (USFS), and National Parks, and that just in the United States. There is also the wonderful world of off-grid camping which became my hands-down favorite many months later.

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