Altruism is In – This is How the Remote Workforce Will Fix the World

Sixty percent of companies worldwide avoided layoffs and increased profits by going remote early in 2020. Overnight, the remote workforce employment model changed how we will work forever. Now, remote will save your organization’s economy, and the world’s.

For two years, my self-funded vision was to help the “remote disenfranchised” find virtual and mobile jobs and careers via a job board where remote-friendly-and-savvy companies could advertise positions and hire direct – positions ideally suited for these job-seekers by companies embracing the ever-growing mobility of the workforce. This was an altruistic mission that is succeeding

Then the coronavirus pandemic and resulting COVID-19 economic crash devastated humanity and the global economy:

In this chaotic crisis, one thing worked spectacularly – working remotely. COVID-19 raced around the planet and showed us how to fix the economy at the same time it destroyed it.

My vision and mission changed as quickly as employers changed where your workforce produced. Now we must fix the global economy by putting people back to work no matter where they live or what they live in or how often they move the roof over their head. There were 402 million mobile-lifestyle people ready to join the remote workforce as a personal preference in 2019. Now it is likely there are about 2 billion in need of work, and only the remote work model will be sustainable for them.

I’ve mapped out a new New Deal and unabashedly quote myself to describe it:

“The decade-long Great Depression was defeated by the New Deal: nationwide recovery by employment opportunity. The Economic Devastation of 2020 will be defeated by the New New Deal: global recovery by remote employees.”

Patricia Rae Linn

It’s my life’s work now to:

  • Put every person who wants to work remotely to work,
  • Help employers make remote work their most productive and profitable model,
  • Innovate metamorphosis of traditionally hands-on-on-site jobs into virtual careers, and
  • Prevent future global crisis from devastating the economy and peoples’ ability to earn a living wage.

All this to put the world on notice that stable workforce sustainability is attainable. It is essential. It is remote. It is what will fix our global economy and our shattered livelihoods.

Altruism is the new pragmatism. Remote is the new career path. Dispersed workforce is the new office model. Remote makes what’s old and tried and true new again: vision, loyalty, inspiration, opportunity, ethics, family, the environment, directness, affordability, globalization, benevolence, humanitarianism and sustainability. And I’m going to prove all that right here.

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