Remote Job Search by Company Not Job Post! Indeed and Monster Are So Yesterday!

Are you still job hunting by pouring through endless lists of positions trying to match your expertise and skills to the advertised requirements? Stop it!

The catastrophic medical, social and economic events of 2020 redefined the Future of Work as remote, rather than traditional, and delivered the power to define the job description and the job hunt-apply-and-negotiate process into the hands of the job seeker.

Mid-2020, almost three-quarters (70%) of all jobs can be done from a remote location and half of the people in the world are working remote. The prior year, only 16% of the workforce was remote, and much of that work was remote only part-time. When this unprecedented growth in remote occurred in just a few months it:

  • Gave the 50% of people who prefer to telework the opportunity to, and they won’t want to go back to the daily commute.
  • Made the companies with remote-work models well in place and effect the only companies in a position to onboard remote new-hires as the non-remote-model organizations ceased hiring to master distributed team management.
  • Forced both types of companies to embrace-first job seekers with a reputation for, or high ambition to work remotely effectively, efficiently and produce unmatched deliverables.
  • Made the traditional job characteristics model – skill > task > autonomy > feedback – obsolete.

In that up to 62% of the workforce can been full-time remote by 2021, here’s what you must do to make yourself remote-valuable to the 70% of organizations that will now be fully to partially dispersed/distributed forever:

  1. Find your passion and the types of organizations that need your particular brand and personal fire in their culture-plus-mission mix. Ask yourself “what can I bring an organization to help them change the world?” because that’s what they are all going to have to do. Ask yourself “what do I care about more than anything else?” and find those remote-friendly-and-savvy employers who share your focus.
  2. Take as much time as you need to learn how your picks do what they do. Match your interests and abilities to as many of their practices as possible. Sell them on your value on each of these and explain specifically how you will overcome any match-gaps. It’s entirely up to you to fulfill their needs better than they expected before you even start.
  3. Get real about compensation. In about half of the world, unemployment is over 20% and in the U.S. its over 42%. Don’t expect to enter the remote workforce at the rates your value once commanded. Go in with the highest-value lowest-salary proposition you can. As the global economy recovers, your personal economy will too.
  4. Fall in love before you marry a company or companies. Feel the connection to your core before you make it. Follow your favorites and reach out to them relentlessly with your admiration and determination to help them achieve their goals beyond expectation.

In short: remote job search by company not by classifieds. Skill. Task. Autonomy. Feedback. That model is gone forever. It’s been replaced by… Passion. Mission. Integrity. Courage. Confidence. Compassion. Agility. And the Self-awareness to know your value, how to sell it, who to sell it to, and how to deliver on it.

You won’t find that in the classifieds. You’ll find it within yourself and the organizations that love what you love. Follow them faithfully and write your own unique-value remote job ticket.

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