Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for coming to this page. It represents my first ever business (ad)venture using what I’ve learned in life and my career to make money for my people rather than for other people. Thanks to Winston, I’ve finally had the time, support and inspiration to create ( I want to share it with you before we go to (public) market.

Here’s why we created

Winston and I chose the itravelft brand because we do. The site is designed to help people travel and afford it (even part-time or in the future). The i work here! partner brand celebrates the freedom to live and work out in the world on your own terms.

Our goal is to be the worlds biggest and best exchange for adventurers of all types and organizations that hire them. It’s not that there aren’t a million sites out there where a voyager can find work, it’s because there are a million sites, and it’s exhausting and not much fun to work so hard to get jobs for journeys.

We know we’ll succeed because we know our demographic. Plus (big plus) searching and applying is always free, and posting a single job for 60 days is only $18 (the lowest cost by one or two zeros of any freelance, remote and seasonal job sites online). Yet, we need a jump start…

And that’s where you come in.

Winston and I hope you’ll invest in this startup by buying a membership package here then adding some merchandise from our store which will be discounted (just click on the coupon in your cart) at the percentage offered by your membership.

The best value membership is the I Do It All Fastest because it gives you 20% off all merchandise and job postings for two years! Buy for your friends (all items in the store are Pat’s custom designs) for special occasions, and you’ll make that membership worthwhile in no time.

We also hope you’ll come back to the site and post ads when you need remote or seasonal help. We know that in about six months, you’ll start receiving great applications from itravelft-ers. We know this because we’re motivated to deliver beyond your expectations so we can travel beyond ours.

Last but not least, please give us terribly candid feedback! Find an error, tell us! Have a problem with the shopping process, please let us know. We know all this is a lot to ask, but in this day of crowd funding and soliciting for charity, itravelft gives you back something tangible and really cool right away, and when we succeed we’ll remember you in more than spirit.

Thank you for jump starting our journey.

Pat and Winston