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FAQs For Job Seekers

As a job seeker do I have to have a membership on itravelft.com?

No! But you’ll want one. Searching non-member jobs and applying for them will always be free, but the members-only jobs are posted by our client companies and offer much more opportunity. Plus, every month we’ll add at least one more job-search members-only tool or value-added item that will make being an itravelft.com member super worthwhile.

Your membership also helps fund our employer outreach and development. With your participation we’ll achieve our goal to be the only place you’ll ever need to go to find your remote dream jobs.

Why should I use itravelft.com?

There are more ways to make a living while traveling full time or just being a very mobile person than you can imagine, and equally as many employers. No other resource online has this mission: build a global community of people who want to work remotely and companies that want to hire them together on a one-site job-and-lifestyle platform. Never before have we needed such a service to help the world economy recover from a pandemic!

What kind of jobs will I find on itravelft.com?

All our jobs allow you to work remotely part- or full-time. They are posted by private companies, government entities and not-for-profits. All jobs are legitimate (no multi-level marketing schemes, buy-something-before-you-get-paid scams, illegal practices, etc.). The hiring companies are most often household-word organizations, and all job posts require professionals at every level of skill, education and experience.

itravelft.com’s most frequently searched keywords include: remote work, work from home, remote working, digital nomad, wfh, home office, coworking, working from home, remote worker, work from anywhere, remote jobs, startup, location independent, remote, small business, virtual assistant, remote office, dispersed teams, distributed teams, and unicorns. If you can dream it you can find it here so use your own keywords and uncover your remote opportunities.

How do I narrow my search with so many jobs available?

Prioritize your keywords starting with how much you want to work and where you want to be when you’re working. Then add your interests and skills. Studying our Keywords Directory will help you greatly.

What do I need in order to work remotely anywhere?

Your remote employer will know all of the laws and regulations affecting your remote working relationship. The reason many positions are regional remote — state- or country-specific for example — is to make it easier for them to employ you (We’ll be publishing an eBook on this subject soon).

FAQs For Employers

Why should I use itravelft.com for my staffing needs?

For four reasons:
1. We’re building a remote global community now to rebuild the world economy after the coronavirus pandemic!
2. You’ll find the most motivated skilled talent at itravelft.com,
3. We’ll be increasing the talent pool and its scope of capabilities every day, and
4. So you can give back to those who give so much and have so much to offer: baby-boomer executives and subject matter experts, Military spouse, trailing spouses and partners, college graduates in a world of career hurt…

Why do I have to have a membership subscription to post jobs as an employer?

Primarily to fund our marketing machine. We’re advertising to and soliciting job seekers through social media and their membership organizations 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our goal is to have the largest following of mobile professionals with extreme skills applying to the positions you need filled. It’s never more than $18 to post an ad for 60 days!

What kinds of jobs should I post on itravelft.com?

Any job you need addressed exceptionally well that can be performed remotely in a dispersed or distributed team environment.