$398.00 / year


Hire a lot of people every year? Ready to say “i hire here!”? This membership is for you: a low flat rate to advertise your existing company job board – quick, easy and requires no updates here – to our top-talent members, plus 10% off every additional job post (usually $18.00) to be showcased on the site.




The reason you want to hire here is this: we relentlessly market to millions of highly skilled people in all walks of life and levels of experience in a demographic set no other staffing platform targets, and we make it incredibly affordable for you to access this untapped talent community.

Plus, you already have a job board and want all inquires to pass through it.

We’ve kept the membership price extremely low so that you can’t afford not to, without risk, use this remote-first jobs service. Simply fill out your My Account Dashboard and post your remote/virtual/work from home job board link on the Post Job Board link. Once you post your first job, your exclusive ihirehere.global job board will be created and the link to it will populate the job board field on your dashboard.

You may also want to post a few priority jobs the same way and make them showcase jobs on our home or showcase page(s).


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